Alaksiej Voŭk

Senior DevOps Engineer @ Itransition (2015-now)


Windows administration

Linux administration

Amazon Web Services











Pharmaceutical data analytics suite (Aug 2022 – Now)

DevOps Engineer

Customer is a multinational company specializing in pharmaceutical market analytics. They provide BI, ML, AI, and data science systems featuring data assets that total millions of medical records and thousands of patents.


• Managing EKS clusters, providing support for the development team
• Configuring and creating new AWS infrastructure for applications
• Maintaining AWS IT infrastructure (IAM Centralization, AWS Network Peering, Cross-Account communication)
• Participation in software migration (after acquiring new products)
• Creating and updating DevOps-related project documentation
• Creating CI/CD pipelines, collaboration with developers

Stocks monitoring suite (2016-2022)

DevOps Engineer

Project is a multi-component web-based stock tracking and alert program that synchronizes and tracks online portfolios to empower individual investors to enjoy managing their investments.


• Configuring high-availability production and staging environments for .NET websites (Windows Server 2012+, ECS on Linux later)
• Preparing migration plans, and executing them (the project is in transition from dedicated provider to AWS)
• Maintaining IT infrastructure (Windows/Linux servers)
• Communication with the hosting provider
• Working with Zabbix & Datadog on application monitoring
• Creating custom scripts to collect and analyze various application metrics
• Creating and maintaining Jenkins jobs to organize deploy/automated testing on different development environments
• Creating and updating DevOps-related project documentation

ERP reporting tools (2018 - 2019)

DevOps Engineer, Deployment engineer

This software is an integrated financial performance management solution. It can be deployed on-premise as a set of dependent Docker containers and is also available as a cloud-based solution. This product features applications for financial reporting, analytics, planning, and budgeting.


• On-premise deployments, preparing environments
• Troubleshooting sessions, application errors investigation, communication with end-user tech specialists
• L2 support, emergency recoveries
• Infrastructure maintenance (Windows/Linux servers)
• Creating and updating project-related documentation
• Existing deployment automation support (hotfixes, new features development)

The Social network for adults (2016)

DevOps Engineer

Social network with some gamification for adults to share photos and videos (spicy but not XXX) and grow the user popularity with the help of diamonds and monthly/annual ratings.


• Preparing a plan for launching a project on the Amazon environment (EC2, RDS, S3, ElastiCache)
• Developing Ansible playbook scripts to automate creating a project environment
• Working with AWS CloudFormation stacks to create an auto-scaling server environment for 0-downtime deployments
• Configuring monitoring tools based on Zabbix

Casual games for social networks (around 2013-2015)


The project itself is a set of high-loaded gaming applications on Facebook. Our task was to organize a monitoring system and ensure the smooth operation of the application. The project environment consists of more than 100 servers with huge metrics amount.


• Configuring monitoring systems (Zabbix & NewRelic)
• Custom monitoring scripts (starting from a database slave state, ending with Sidekiq workers monitoring)
• Scripts optimization

Social Network